Crazy Fly "Raptor pro"

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Artikelnummer: 12bcf01
Produkt: Crazy Fly "Raptor pro"
Marke: CrazyFly
Crazyfly Raptor Pro und Raptor pro Tour. Es kann zwischen folgenden Modellen gewählt werden:
  • Raptor Pro 132cm (mittelharter flex)
  • Raptor Pro 137cm (mittelharter flex)
  • Raptor Pro 134cm (harter flex)

Raptor Pro 2012 ist das erste der 3 Freestyle / Newschool CrazyFly Bords aus dem 2012
Raptor Pro ist das Board mit dem flexibelsten Kern der 3 Freestyle-Boards.
Komfortabel zu fahren in flachem sowie kabeligem Wasser.

Level: Beginner bis Profi-Kitesurfer

Riding STYLE = Freestyle & Freeride

FLEX = Medium

+ Strap / PADS = Quickfix II & Dual Density
+ FINS = 5 CM G10 

CrazyFly Raptor Pro kiteboard 2012

Raptor Pro features an elegant carbon fiber look, 3D metallic colors and comes with EVA pro footpads, Quick Fix II footstraps , handle and G10 fins.

Raptor Pro is a living legend.
Best selling board for freeride and freestyle with astonishing performance.
In the long history of this board we have never met anyone who would not like the board.
The thing that makes Raptor Pro so special is that every rider can find their own reason why they like this board so much. It offers a wide scale of usage for many different riding styles and delivers a very high performance in all of its aspects.
Brand new technology called Crazy Flex Tips developed by CrazyFly is integrated in Raptor Pro.
New technologies in composite materials allowed us to produce ultra thin tips which are extremely flexible and very strong. Crazy Flex Tips make the kiteboard very comfortable and extremely responsive.
They generate much more pop and provide the softest possible landings. You can really load up this board and it really pop you up in the air. We believe this technology makes kiteboarding even more fun than it ever was. Crazy Flex Tips pushed Kiteboarding to a new level.
Raptor Pro is produced with full carbon construction, precisely shaped CNC wood core and 3D ABS rails. Full carbon construction provides much more pop, and makes the board very responsive as well as it brings down the weight and increases strength of Raptor Pro.
This board is suitable for high performance freeride, but if you step on the gas pedal, Raptor Pro has enough power for freestyle tricks. Raptor Pro is aimed at intermediate, advanced and Pro riders who are looking for a high performance freeride board, powered carving and a lot of pop for jumps. Even though this board is designed more for freeride, it will not let you down by any means, if you push it harder to perform freestyle tricks.
What CrazyFly team rider Grom Gormley has got to say about his board:
"Any company can make a board, but CrazyFly's Raptor blows them all out of the water. One ride and you'll agree. Intended to push intermediate riders and make freestyle wizards. The Raptor blends a stiffer freestyle board with a softer snowboard feel. Perfect for load and pops while remaining soft for smoother landings on those all important boosts. Durability is everything in this sport and this board delivers years of exciting adventures. Start yours today." Grom

The rider can enjoy smooth freeride, but if the board is pushed harder, you can have a freestyle session.
Based on our ten years of experience in building high quality kiteboards with top performance, we simply believe that carbon fibers are irreplaceable. Carbon fiber is ultra light and at the same time extremely strong.
This material is very dynamic and it returns instantly to its original shape after being stressed, which provides loads of pop for carbon fiber kiteboards. Not only carbon fiber has the same initials “CF” as our brand, but its ratio of high strength, low weight and quick dynamics makes it the most suitable material for a high performance kiteboard.
These are the reasons why carbon fiber is used in CrazyFly kiteboards, which are expected to be light, very responsive and have a lot of pop. 
Crazy Fly "Raptor pro"
Carbon Modell Pro Tour 134cm
Crazy Fly "Raptor pro"
Carbon Modell Pro Tour 134cm
Crazy Fly "Raptor pro"
Carbon Modell Pro Tour 134cm
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