Black ice on the Lakes of the Engadin


Black ice is the name given to a smooth layer of ice without snow, which shimmers dark blue to black

Black ice on the Engadin lakes is a very special event which is usually only short-lived. You can rent skates for the black ice from us. By signing the agreement you confirm that you know the risk and are responsible for your own safety. Riding over the partly crystal clear, partly milky or cracked ice is a fantastic experience for young and old. Curious sounds are caused by changes in tension and make the spectacle even more unforgettable. Please note that walking on the lakes can be very dangerous without experience and expert knowledge.

Black ice is beautiful, but also deceptive. The municipalities urge caution and emphasize:

Stepping onto the lakes in the Engadin is at your own risk!

If you would like to experience the fascinating natural spectacle of black ice in all its glory, you should observe the following guidelines:

  • Never walk onto the ice surface alone.
  • Avoid fractures and milky areas as well as points of inflow, passage and outflow.
  • Determine the thickness of the ice cover by means of cracks in the ice or by trial drilling with an ice axe.
  • Only access the lakes under good light conditions.


Ice skates for the lakes can be rented daily during the usual opening hours in our kitesurf shop in the Mulets sports center. The skates can also be deposited in the changing room outside of our opening hours by arrangement.

Ice skate rental for the lake

CHF 10.-