Weather Snow kiting

here you will find the weather information for kite surfing

Snow kiting is generally possible with all winds. The wind should be as steady as possible and not be influenced by obstacles. Since in winter there is usually much less resistance on the snow than when kite surfing in water, there is a wider wind range in which snow kiting is possible. Starting at 2 Beaufort (8km/h) it is already great to snow kite.

We refuse any liability regarding weather and stick to our slogan "there is always wind". If there happens to be no wind you don't pay any rent or lessons (except theory).

Wind and weather forecasts for Silvaplana

Meeting point for all courses is always at the agreed time. Forecasts can also be wrong!

Wind and weather forecasts for Bernina


Snow kite forecasts from Unhooked.ch

The wind forecasts of unhooked.ch are programmed using their own algorithms and provide good information about the current situation