The first time I saw kite surfing was during a holiday in Kenya in 2007. I was immediately fascinated, just by watching! However, it took me a few more years to attend my first real kite surfing course. In 2015 I spontaneously booked a snow kiting course, fell in love with the Engadin, and moved from Thurgau to Silvaplana. It was here that I could finally learn kite surfing from ground up. Since then I am totally hooked. It is an incredible feeling of freedom for me to be able to glide over the water. Especially with the surf board.

What fascinates me about kite surfing is the great diversity of the sport and interaction of the elements water and wind. No two kite days are exactly the same. Whether kiting in light, gusty or really strong wind, flat water or waves, I always learn something new.

I also really value the kite community in Silvaplana. For me there is nothing better than being on the water with my best friends and sharing the joy of the sport. Apart from kite surfing, I love trail running, hiking, skiing - pretty much everything that happens on the mountain. Silvaplana is the sports paradise of the world for me. This is where I find my balance and inspiration for new things. As a communications specialist at a local advertising agency I do a lot of work for tourism in Silvaplana. This allows me to optimally combine my passion for communication with my passion for sports.