Risk and liability in kite courses

Conditions for course participants

1. every student is obliged to accept and follow the instructions of the Swiss Kitesurf instructors
2. in case of bad weather or wind, the instruction will be continued on land if reasonable. If no lessons are possible, the course will be cancelled after a short waiting period. The participant will receive a voucher, proportionate to the missing lessons. There are no cash refunds. Vouchers can be used for all our offers.
3. every student is liable for his or her actions. In order to avoid coverage gaps, the student must take out insurance through the school. This is included in the course fee.
4. the student's accident insurance will pay for accidents. Kitesurfing is a risky activity and the accident insurance company may reduce their daily allowance.
5. in case of deliberate or intentional damage to the training material, the student is responsible for the damage.
6. course fees must be paid at the beginning of the course in cash, with voucher, Twint, credit card or Apple Pay.
7. every student must be able to swim.
8. a helmet and life jacket must be worn during the lessons.
9. the course times are fixed, but may change at short notice depending on wind and weather conditions.
10. cancellations must be notified in writing at least 1 week before the start of the course Later cancellations will be charged with 30% of the training costs. For cancellations later than 24 hours before the start of the course, the full course fee must be paid. We recommend taking out cancellation insurance.
11 Swiss Kitesurf GmbH refuses any liability in case of accidents.

Before the start of the course, students agree to the terms and conditions and sign the following risk declaration:

I am aware that the kite surfing training makes special demands on my physical condition. I take full risk for my participation in this course.

I declare that I am physically healthy and have no ailments that preclude or discourage kite surfing training.

I have read the safety rules carefully and I agree with the terms and conditions.