Welcome to Silvaplana

Silvaplana is considered the surfing Mecca of Switzerland. With us, you kite board on a deep blue mountain lake, in front of an impressive mountain scenery with snow-covered peaks and surrounded by pristine nature. Thanks to the constant and reliable Maloja wind, Silvaplana is not only unique but also one of the best kite spots in Switzerland.

Directly at the kite spot you will find our large kite shop and the kite school as well as extensive infrastructure, a camping site directly at the lake and the sports center Mulets with restaurant. Kite spot, kite shop, accommodation, restaurant, as well as showers, changing rooms and toilets - all this is found within a radius of just 200 meters. A small member fee is charged for the use of the leased private meadow (the kite beach), the infrastructure of the sports center and our beach marshals.

Ideal weather conditions are nice weather with low pressure distribution or with south, southwest wind currents. In these cases a thermal southwest wind blows from about 1 pm until sunset. Usually the wind blows with four to five Beaufort. With strong southwest currents it can also be stronger. Less than ideal for kitesurfing in Silvaplana is a strong northern current and strong north winds.

The snow kite station in winter

Even in winter we kite - that is, on the frozen lake Silvaplana. Our snow kite school is located directly at the spot. We have a wide range of products and in our shop we have almost everything on stock. The ice rink directly in front of the shop also provides you with a great no wind program. Our snow kite services and offers at a glance:

  • Directly at the snow kite spot at lake Silvaplana
  • Other spots nearby (Bernina Pass, Furtschellas, Lunghin, etc.)
  • Snow kite lessons (group lessons, private lessons, tours)
  • Rental of the latest snow kite equipment
  • Equipment testing and sales consulting with the largest test center in Switzerland
  • Kite shop with large selection
  • Repair service with sewing studio
  • Ice rink for hockey, ice skating and curling
  • Restaurant Mulets with pizzeria and sun terrace

Spot info and rules for snow kiting in Silvaplana and surroundings

Find out all you need to know if you want to discover the southern valleys of Graubünden while snow kiting.

The kite surf station in summer

Our kite school and kite shop is located in the immediate vicinity of the Kite beach, right next to the Mulets sports center. Our services and offers at a glance:

  • Own kite beach with supervisory staff during the season
  • Kite surfing lessons (group lessons, semi-private and private lessons, foil and special courses)
  • Rental of the latest equipment and complete gear (kite, board, harness, neoprene, shoes, vests, helmets, etc.)
  • SUP-Self-Service-Station, SUP-Guide & support on request,
  • Kayak
  • VDWS-licensed kite center with sanitary facilities, shower, toilets and changing rooms for women and men
  • Equipment test and sales advice
  • Largest test station in Switzerland with various kite brands
  • Kite surf shop with a wide range of products
  • Repair service, composite technology, fillers, sewing and patching of sails and tubes
  • Sports fields for tennis, beach volleyball, and soccer
  • Kite surf-Bar & Lounge directly at the kite shop
  • Restaurant Mulets with pizzeria and sun terrace

Spot info and rules for kite surfing in Silvaplana

Here you will find useful information and everything worth knowing about our kite spot in Silvaplana.

Sports Center Mulets

At the sports center Mulets (directly at the kite spot) you will find a beach volleyball field, a soccer field, a tennis court as well as a playground, skate park and pump track. This is where Silvaplana's active heart beats. An adventure paradise for young and old. The sports center with changing rooms, showers, toilets and restaurant is open all year round. The use of the infrastructure is free of charge in connection with the practice of a sport.

Kite shop directly at the spot

Directly at the kite spot in Silvaplana is the kite surf and snow kite shop. Here you will find everything you need for kite surfing and snow kiting. Our shop is known for good prices as well as for the largest inventory in Switzerland. Here you will find kites, boards, harnesses and all kinds of water sport accessories as well as spare parts, repair material and beachwear of various brands.

By the way: Our shop opened in 1999 as the first kite surf shop in Switzerland. Through the experience we have gained in these over 20 years, you can count on a guaranteed professional and competent advice in our shop.

Here you can find all information about the kite shop, opening hours, directions as well as our online shop.

Kite lounge with grill & chill

Let the kite day end comfortably with your kite buddies at our lounge. We offer soft drinks, beer and snacks as well as grilled sausages and cervelats. Every Saturday evening, when the weather is nice, we also offer "Grill & Chill"! We are very passionate about cooking and look forward to a great barbecue evening with amazing people every week. Of course we also care for our vegetarian friends: Apart from all the meat, there is a big salad buffet, grilled vegetables and usually a South African style "Potjie" (vegetable stew). There is also a dessert buffet from our very own cook Stef. The "Grill & Chill" all you can eat is available for only CHF 15 and includes a soft drink or beer.

Our lounge is open to all visitors of the sports center. If the kite bar is not staffed, you can ask in the kite shop. The opening hours of the kite bar are the same as those of the kite shop.