Summer rental

Every good kite station also needs good rental equipment. Our rental equipment is renewed every year with kites and boards of the newest generation and from various manufacturers. We have over 50 rental kites and over 20 rental boards, so every kiter will be able to find the right equipment to suit his skills and requirements. We also have surfboards and foil boards, as well as wetsuits, shoes, impact vests, harnesses and helmets available for you to rent.

If you buy a kite within 7 days after testing, you will get credited for one day of your paid rental fee.

During the summer we have the latest kites and boards from various manufacturers for you.

1 Hour1 Day2 Days

per additional day



Depower Kite

CHF 40.-CHF 80.-CHF 150.-CHF 50.-

Kitesurf Board

CHF 20.-CHF 40.-CHF 60.-CHF 20.-
Wing + WingfoilboardCHF 60.-
CHF 120.-
CHF 210.-
CHF 70.-
CHF 750.-
CHF 1'000.-
Foil BoardCHF 40.-CHF 80.-CHF 140.-CHF 40.-

Kite and Board

CHF 60.-CHF 120.-CHF 210.-CHF 70.-CHF 750.-CHF 1'000.-


CHF 20.-CHF 35.-CHF 10.-

Neopren Shoes

CHF 10.-CHF 15.-CHF 5.-

Kite Harness

CHF 10.-CHF 15.-CHF 5.-

Impact vest

CHF 5.-CHF 10.-CHF 5.-


CHF 5.-CHF 10.-CHF 5.-

Complete equipment

CHF 100.-CHF 150.-CHF 270.-CHF 70.-

The rental equipment must be returned in full and in good condition by 6pm. Even if the rental equipment is rented for several days, it must be returned to the station in the evening.

Our Terms and Conditions for eqipment rental apply.

Kites for your holidays

From the end of September to the end of May you can also rent equipment for your holidays. You can either rent a single kite (incl. bar) or a package. The package includes a board (twintip), 2 kites, bar, pump, harness and vest.

DurationSingle Kite


1 Weeks holidays

CHF 200.00 + 15.- Postage

CHF 400.00 + 30.- Postage
2 Weeks holidays
CHF 300.00 + 15.- PostageCHF 600.00 + 30.- Postage
additional week
CHF 100.00CHF 180.00

We recommend taking out a comprehensive insurance policy for rental equipment! You are otherwise personally liable for damage to the rental equipment.