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Snow kiting as the equivalent to kite surfing in summer offers a new challenge and lots of fun - kiting in the snow and an ideal preparation for kite surfing in summer.

Silvaplana has always been a mecca for wind sports and in 1993 we opened the first kite school in the world here on Lake Silvaplana. Since then we have always remained true to our basic ideals: to bring the fun and enjoyment of kite surfing to our students. The technique and equipment has developed enormously in the last few years and snow kiting is now a safe sport that can be learned in just a few hours.

Just like in summer, you can indulge in your kiting hobby all winter long in the Engadin. In winter there is no obligatory member fee in Silvaplana and you can find many places in the Engadin that are suitable for snow kiting. More information about the spots further down on the page.

Swiss Kite surf is still the only snow kite school in Switzerland with its own station, shop and infrastructure at the spot. There are also changing rooms, showers and a restaurant just a few steps away from the sports center.

Snow kiting is free of charge in the whole Engadin. Please be aware of wildlife protection zones and terrain

Lake Silvaplana in winter

Snow kiting on a frozen mountain lake

Lake Silvaplana usually freezes during January. Because of the movement of the water caused by the constant winds on the lake, it is usually the last lake in the Engadin to freeze. With a bit of luck you can experience the short-lived black ice on one of the lakes or even skate on it. Snow kiting is possible on all surfaces as long as the ice is safe. Depending on the surface, the experience is quite different. From fluffy powder to high speed cruising, every discipline has its days. A single snow kiting experience is usually not enough to get an idea of the many facets of this sport.

The frozen lake Silvaplana is never officially open to the public. Our snow kite instructors only access the lake with guests if they know and have checked the situation thoroughly. Stepping on and riding on the frozen lake is always at your own risk. Due to natural events, the ice cover often has weak points of broken edges, water inlets and gas bubbles. Riding away from the busy areas in front of the sports center is riskier and must be constantly reassessed.

Winter Member

Kite rental for the whole winter

  • In winter there is no obligatory member fee
  • For CHF 600.00 you can become a member and you can use our snow kites all winter long. Please return the kites in the evening or in the morning and get new, suitable kites for the next day.

VIP-Members with equipment must have equipment insurance

Season snow kite rentalCHF 600.-
Daily snow kite rentalfrom CHF 80.- (Following days CHF 40.-)

More information about snowkite rental

Winter spots for snow kiting

We have been working as snow kite instructors in the region for over 25 years. It is so versatile and varied that even after all these years we still haven't discovered all spots for snow kiting.

The fields on the valley floor:

At an altitude of about 1800 m above sea level, the Upper Engadin already has snow early. Before the lakes are frozen, you have the opportunity to kite on numerous areas in the valley floor (Please note! Airport Samedan and surroundings not allowed). We mainly teach beginners right next to the sports center on the snow-covered fields.

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Lake Silvaplana:

The most famous spot in the region, ideal for learning to snow kite or for kiters who simply enjoy cruising. Ride up to Sils and glide over the lake with great ease. It is not only possible with Maloja wind, also other wind directions are good for snow kiting. This is probably the windiest spot in the Engadin. The lake is frozen from about mid January to mid April. With southerly wind and Julier wind launch in Silvaplana, with north-easterly wind also very good in Sils from the beach club.

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Lake Sils:

If it's too crowded in Silvaplana, you can also go up to Plaun da Lej and from there to Lake Sils. Between Isola and Plaun da Lej there is a funnel that optimally strengthens the south wind. A down winder is also possible - take the post bus to Maloja and ride from there down to Sils or even to Silvaplana. Some restaurants along the way allow us to stop for a bite to eat. Ideal for south and northeast winds.

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Furtschella's plain:

The plain right next to the Furtschellas base station is perfect in December when the lake is not yet frozen. But there is usually still snow and good conditions when it's not possible elsewhere. Ideal for north and northeasterly winds.

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Bernina Pass / Lej Nair / Lej Pitschen:

The famous spot for freeride and freestyle adventure. A fantastic scenery with slopes, hills and pipes to ski down. Varied and interesting. You can park your car about 200 meters from the pass and start right away or take the RhB (train) from Diavolezza two stations up to the Ospizio Bernina, which is located directly at the Lago Bianco. For beginners it is recommended to take a guide with you. North to northwesterly winds are best, but it can also work with southerly winds. Attention! From time to time there are also very strong winds up to 100 km/h. Powder snow, fun and action is guaranteed.

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Julier Pass:

On the Julier there are a few small secret spots for freestylers who want to experience something special. The spots are mostly right next to the road. So be careful, also against avalanche danger. Good winds are mostly from east to northeast.

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more spots can be discovered in Bivio or on Muotas Muragl, in La Punt or in the direction of Albula!

Please note that even in winter there are zones where snow kiting is prohibited. You may only kite where the snow cover is thick enough to avoid damage to the ground. Cross-country skiing tracks and pedestrian paths should not be crossed if possible and if only with the greatest care and prudence.


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