In my gap year I came back from a trip 4 months before my studies were to begin. That means I had a time to bridge the gap. Through friends of friends I got in touch with the kite school in the Engadin to apply as a beach-marshall. Of course a Beach-Marshall should also be able to kite. So I was allowed to attend a course in Silvaplana and was hooked on the kite from the first second.

Before I learned to kite, biking and skiing were the only real leisure activities for me. Now I have reached the point where I prefer the kite to the bike and even in winter I prefer to go up the mountain with the kite rather than by cable car.

My life is currently taking place in Bern. However, I chase after every possible gust of wind. Be it in Silvaplana, the Seeland, the Walensee or sometimes on the Lake of Uri. This balance between water, wind, storm and school is my current life.

Initially as a beach marshall, I now want to pass on this passion as a kite instructor.