The elements wind and water have always fascinated me, likewise using the power of Mother Nature as a motor. In 2014, I spontaneously decided to take my first kite course in Silvaplana and immediately bought my first kite, my Rally, which has accompanied me to every destination since then.

During the last years I have explored many windy places all over the world. From Cuba to Mexico and via Ecuador to Argentina. In the summer months, I was always drawn back to my favorite spot, Silvaplana. At the onset of winter, I would leave again to discover new windy spots; wonderful places like Tarifa, Fuerteventura, Lake Garda and many more.

So, when I got the chance to take the kitesurf instructor course in spring and to give my first lessons at our home spot, I couldn't say no. Now I am looking forward to a windy summer at one of the highest kitespot in the world and to pass on my enthusiasm for the sport. Then, as soon as winter comes around again, I will pack my bikini, harness, board and pump and discover new windswept places and, with a bit of luck, introduce many more wind and water lovers to this beautiful sport. Let's shred It!