Beach trips became more and more boring, so I suggested to my girlfriend that we should try a new sport together, which would allow us to combine beach, sea and holidays.
Back then I remembered seeing a lot of kitesurfers in Holland for the first time, and I was fascinated from the start. I kept wondering how they managed not to get in each other's way, because the spot was full of these colorful kites.

In 2015, we finally went to the beautiful Sicily and completed the kitesurfing beginner course there.
Needless to say, our vacations have taken an adrenaline-fueled turn since then.

Following the best winds, we have traveled to beautiful spots in Portugal, Spain, the Canary Islands, Greece and Vietnam.

For me, kitesurfing means freedom, fun, concentration, and playing with what nature offers us.

I am very excited to inspire you to try kitesurfing. From Zero to Hero!